Edgar Portraits
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12/2006: A portrait by Edgar of Dr. A. Rinooy Kan is on the cover of the financial magazine "De Nieuwe Brug"

12/2006: Dancers of 'Body Weather' perform at Edgar's studio.

11/2006: Edgar joins an exhibition about Holland Symfonia orchestra.

10/2006: Edgar is participating in an exhibition with landscapes, seascapes of the island of Texel.

09/2006: Exhibition of Edgar's dance drawings in Muiderpoortheater, Amsterdam, 14 - 16th of September.

08/2006: Edgar has made sketches of the dance production by Maggie Boogaart "It's My Right".

07/2006: Edgar has drawn a poster for a theatre production in Norway inspired by a book of Knut Hamsun.

06/2006: Hakvutza, an contemporary dance institute in Israel has
published a postcard with a drawing by Edgar.

04/2006: Video clips of Edgar's art process can be seen at this web site.

3/2006: A painting of Edgar ('The Bride') is being used as a basis for an art project at the Aviation High school in Seattle (Wash.).

01/2006: A series of drawings which Edgar made of the cellist Gavriel Lipkind can be seen at the new website:

11/2005: Edgar is a guest at the classical music tv program 'Vrije Geluiden'. He wil make a drawing of the violinist Birthe Blom.

11/2005: Edgar is joining the celebrity portraits exhibition in Gallery De Portretwinkel. He is showing a pastel portrait of the violinist Cecilia Bernardini.

09/2005: Edgar joins the group exhibition "Stadsgezichten 2: Graafwerk" about the metro construction in Amsterdam at Loods 6.

09/2005: Drawings of Edgar are shown at the Meeting Point music and dance improvisation at the BIM-huis at 5 september..

07/2005: Edgar is painting landscapes and seascapes at the island of Texel.

05/2005: Edgar is drawing in a video inspired by the opera Pelléas et Mélisande (Débussy).

04/2005: PROXIMITY, an Australian magazine for dance and contact improvisation, which has published before a dance drawing on the cover, shows illustrations by Edgar in the Spring 2005 edition.

10/2004: a music drawing of Edgar is shown on the opening page of the classical Ensemble Novalis from Switzerland. http://www.ensemblenovalis.net

09/2004: An drawing of Edgar is on the cover and in he booklet of the latest c.d. of the Israeli cellist Gavriel Lipkind “Miniatures and Folk Music”, a production of Jerusalem Music Centre. http://www.jmc.co.il/lipkind.html

09/2004: Edgar has joined the exhibition ‘Stadgezichten’ (‘Faces of Amsterdam’) organized by S.A.K. Samenwerkende Amsterdamse Kunstenaarsverenigingen

08/2004: Edgar is drawing at the summer dance festival of Frey Faust at Moissac , France : the Nomadic College 2005 . http://monsite.wanadoo.fr/Artychaud/page4.html.

02/2004: The Jubilee book of the Choir of the WesterkerkWie mag er zingen in de Wester, 50 jaar Westerkerkkoor has been illustrated by Edgar with drawings of singers.

01/2004: an article about Edgar's flamenco drawings has been published in a folk dance magazine ‘Volksdans’ with the title 'Kijk op Dans' (a View on Dance)


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